Dedicated to protecting the integrity of Ridgewood Neighborhood Park

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This is the EXACT location proposed for the antenna.  Most people would consider sitting at this table hazardous if it is not moved “for safety”.

Existing Leg Stretch and Picnic Tables,  At least one of the tables will be moved for safety.  The antenna will be visible from Paseo Montril as we enter the neighborhood.

View of building from south entrance walk.

Updated 02/10/16

The faux tree will be in a usable shaded area 10 feet from the walk between an exercise station and picnic tables (may be moved).  People will walk under the edge of the tree.

The building is in the middle of the view of the preserve and will be the ONLY building in Ridgewood Park. The trees will do little to conceal the building even when they have leaves.

From Verizon’s site plans.  Colors have been added for emphasis.

Building Location

Tree Location

The trees that are supposed to conceal the equipment building lose their leaves during the fall, further exposing the building.

This corner is a favorite spot and is frequently used.

Regardless of what the tree looks like, it is unlikely people will feel comfortable using this area with a cellular tower mere feet from the sidewalk.

A key feature of Ridgewood Neighborhood Park is its openness, its natural feel, and its seamless connection with the Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve.

The character of the entire park will be forever and unalterably damaged by the addition of the park’s first building and a cellular tower “disguised” as a visibly false tree.  (an actual Verizon “tree” is pictured here) Hikers will walk BETWEEN the antenna tower and building to access the preserve.

Proposed Positioning of Antenna and Building, based on Verizon site plans (bottom of page).


(For the full effect, click on an image to see the enlarged view)

The antenna pole will be equipped with all the necessary warning signs.

They haven’t learned how to make a tree yet that looks like a real tree.  This is a faux eucalyptus.

Faux tree will be 35’ high and 20’ in diameter.

Verizon antenna-tree in Mira Mesa’s Camino Ruiz Neighborhood park.